Allenmore Psychological Associates remains OPEN. During this period of concern and anxiety having access to quality behavioral health care is important and our staff is dedicated to ensuring your behavioral health care needs are met. In the unlikely event that the WA Department of Health directs us to close we will notify patients via telephone on the day of their appointment (similar to our Snow Day policy). If you are an existing patient who is demonstrating symptoms associated with the coronavirus or impacted by related closures (e.g. cannot find day care due to a school closure) and need to cancel we ask that you inform our staff as soon as possible, APA will not charge you for a late cancellation.

Can Eye Movements Treat Trauma?

This December 2012 Scientific American article, contains an interesting discussion of the impact of eye movement in treating traumatic memories. Research findings suggesting that therapy which incorporates eye moments (i.e., Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) is more effective than therapy that does not are presented. Some theories about why eye movements are helpful are outlined.

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