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Jennifer Chapman, MS, LMFT

Jennifer ChapmanJennifer Chapman, MS, LMFT obtained her masters of science degree in counseling from Seattle Pacific University in June 2011. Jennifer is a Marriage and Family therapist who specializes in helping families, couples, and individuals through difficult times in their lives.  She believes that the therapeutic relationship can provide a safe place within which to heal past wounds and actualize dreams of a new and better future.  Couples therapy offers couples an opportunity to reset and improve relationships, and family therapy aids families in getting unstuck, helping them move forward in new healthier directions.  People sometimes get stuck in their lives and caught up in maladaptive behavior which causes them suffering.  But, Jennifer holds the firm belief that therapy can help people access the resources needed to become unstuck and get on with living vital, healthy and productive lives.  Episodes of severe mental illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, and some life events can cause us to become derailed, and they can create impediments to our achieving desired life goals.  As a therapist, Jennifer is skilled in collaborating with her clients in helping them to get back on track, and to correct and/or create new life paths that correspond with their key life goals and values.