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Paul Nelson, Ph.D.


Paul Nelson, Ph.D. received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Florida in 1978.  He completed a medical psychology internship at the VA Medical Center in West Haven, Connecticut, and he received an additional year of post-doctoral training at the VA Medical Center in Seattle, Washington where he worked in a psychiatric partial hospitalization unit and in an outpatient family therapy program.

Dr. Nelson has been licensed as a psychologist in Washington state since 1979. Early in his career, Dr. Nelson was employed at Western State Hospital as a psychologist on an adult inpatient unit. He later worked there as a psychology supervisor and as a hospital administrator. During several years of his employment with the Hospital, he also worked as an organizational consultant with Ed Glaser and Associates and the Human Interaction Research Institute. Dr. Nelson entered full-time private practice in 1986 as a clinical psychologist with Allenmore Psychological Associates, P.S. He has been a psychologist at Allenmore Psychological Associates, P.S. for more than twenty-six years.

Dr. Nelson works with adults experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, anger dyscontrol, and stress. He works with people impacted by trauma, domestic abuse survivors, people who have been sexually abused and people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also counsels people experiencing grief and loss, major life transitions and life adjustment issues. Finally, he works with individuals experiencing adult child and co-dependency issues.

Dr. Nelson’s approach to treatment is cognitive-behavioral. He uses EMDR when working with trauma. He teaches meditation and uses mindfulness based approaches when working with anxiety disorders and chronic major depression. He does guided imagery, relaxation training and uses hypnosis where applicable. And, he also does communication, social skills and assertiveness skill building when needed.