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Psychological Evaluations

Allenmore Pyschological Associates (APA) is pleased to provide a wide range of psychological evaluations and psychological testing to Tacoma and surrounding area residents based upon each client’s needs. Evaluations are performed in order to obtain Intelligence Testing Session with WAIS at Allenmore - psychological testing Tacomaan in-depth and objective assessment of the individual’s intellectual, personality, mental health and behavioral functioning. They are useful in assessing intelligence, personal aptitudes, skills and abilities, personality characteristics and coping styles, and signs and symptoms of mental disorders. Psychological testing is also useful in clarifying an individual’s diagnosis, determining the extent or severity of mental health disorder and providing treatment or other types of recommendations. Psychological assessments typically employ both clinical interviews and a battery of standardized psychological tests.

Academic and Career Assessments

Whether someone is in school, looking for a job, or simply considering a career change, an academic or career assessment can be quite helpful. Academic assessments can help students clarify academic and career direction—saving expense and years of unnecessary time in school. Similarly, a career assessment may jumpstart a person’s career course or provide a focused alternative to a dead-end job or unfulfilling career.

Our psychologists have a wide range of skillsets that include advising high school students all the way up to targeted career counseling for upper-level managers and leaders. By utilizing personality assessments, Holland codes, and up-to-date data regarding career conditions and trends, we can help individuals find a career path that can provide them short-term, intermediate, and long-term success and fulfillment.

Child and Adolescent Evaluations

There are several reasons children and adolescents may need to have a psychological evaluation. These assessments can help to better understand a child’s or adolescent’s emotional and behavioral functioning to determine future treatment or support they may need to progress and be successful. Psychological evaluations can also help to differentiate between different diagnoses, such as attention deficit disorders and anxiety disorders. Child Having Learning Disability Assessment At Allenmore Counseling in TacomaThis differentiation is imperative to guiding treatment and attaining adequate support for the child or adolescent.

Another type of evaluation that is common for children and adolescents is academic testing to determine whether or not the individual meets criteria for a learning disorder. These assessments are typically completed through the school system, but schools can become overwhelmed with requests for these evaluations, which results in children being placed on waitlists. Learning disorders can have a similar appearance to attention deficit disorders, or they may manifest in behavioral and emotional problems. A comprehensive evaluation that measures intelligence, achievement, emotional, and behavioral functioning can often tease out the underlying issues to provide a clearer understanding of the child’s symptoms and diagnosis. This can allow the school to put supports in place to help the child achieve their academic potential.

Disability Evaluations

Disability evaluations come in various forms and from various organizations. However, they generally fall into two types: evaluations for short-term and long-term disability. Persons seeking short-term disability assistance may have a work-related injury that must be appropriately treated in order for them to return to work. Others may temporarily be unable to secure work due to psychological, cognitive (e.g. memory), or physical concerns. In these cases, targeted physical, cognitive, and/or medical services may help restore a person’s capacity to seek gainful employment. In some cases, these concerns may be lifelong and therefore warrant long-term disability services.
Counselor & Client Completing Disability Evaluation At Allenmore Counseling in Tacoma WARegardless of your unique circumstances, APA’s trained psychologists are equipped to address your evaluation needs. We can even coordinate your evaluation with case workers, adjudicators, attorneys and others involved in the process. We have had extensive experience interacting with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), the Division of Disability Determination Services (DDS), Labor and Industries (L&I), and other organizations that serve disabled persons.

Forensic Evaluations

Forensic evaluations are generally defined as evaluations that are performed within a legal context. They can be conducted with respect to civil, criminal and administrative law systems. Forensic evaluations are used to make legal determinations and must meet higher standards than other evaluations. They usually employ psychological and/or neuropsychological tests, measures of response bias and test validity, interviews, and collateral sources of data such as record reviews and interviews of others. Types of forensic evaluations include workers compensation evaluations, personal injury evaluations, child custody evaluations, fitness for duty evaluations and competency to stand trial and sanity at the time of offense evaluations.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological evaluations are conducted to assess intellectual ability, attention, concentration, memory, abstract reasoning ability, learning ability, verbal and nonverbal problem solving skills, and verbal comprehension. The results can be used to identify impairments in intellectual and cognitive functioning, and to measure the nature and extent of dementia, brain injury and brain damage. Neuropsychological testing also employs clinical interviews and a battery of standardized tests.

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Bubble Sheet for Testing and Assessment in Tacoma WA at Allenmore PsychologicalProviding a variety of psychological evaluations is a unique skillset that psychologists possess. For over 30 years, APA has been providing a wide variety of psychological testing Tacoma, Lakewood, University Place, Gig Harbor, Puyallup and surrounding areas residents have come to rely upon to answer a variety of important questions. If you need a psychological evaluation completed, we would be happy to do the same for you. To learn more about psychological testing or to make arrangements to schedule a psychological evaluation, please contact us at (253) 752-7320.